The Ideal Summer Holiday Checklist

The Ideal Summer Holiday Checklist

Summer is fast approaching, and like most families, I’m sure you have booked a getaway to somewhere sunny. But how many times have you reached your destination and realised you’ve forgotten something vital? So we’ve written you The ideal summer holiday checklist, so you remember all of your most valuable belongings.

Why Do I Need A Holiday Checklist?

Going away is so exciting, and you feel like it can’t come soon enough until you’re surrounded by a pile of your belongings. So if you’re going away this summer and want to keep your packing experience as little stress as possible then keep reading.


ladies summer clothes

When packing your holiday wardrobe, it is always a good idea to look online at the weather forecast beforehand so you can plan your outfits ahead instead of bringing the entire contents of your wardrobe.


Dresses are usually the top option for a sunny destination. However, thick material smart dresses are unlikely your best choice. You’re better off opting for something more thin and lightweight, that you can pair with a jacket if it becomes colder in the evenings.


Plain T-shirts are a must-have for a holiday, they can be worn with almost everything and can be dressed up with shorts or a skirt or be dressed down casual with jeans. They are also brilliant at hiding burnt or peeling shoulders.


Take multiple pairs of denim shorts as they’re what goes with the most. Also, bring any printed or patterned shorts that you can wear out in the evening.

Pyjamas and Bedwear

For men, it’s typically just a pair of boxers. But on holiday ladies might prefer to bring a shorts and T-shirt combination so they can keep cool in their sleep without having to go completely without anything. Another good option is a nightshirt that can be worn without any bottoms or for men, a pair of comfy material shorts.


Now men are very limited when it comes to this particular area of clothing. Swimming trunks are the only swimwear option for males but try to bring some patterned or colourful trunks as you’re very limited to what you can wear so the brighter and more outrageous the better!

Ladies have endless choices and styles of bikinis and swimsuits, some look gorgeous but would leave you a ridiculous sunburn. Ensure you pack both bikinis and swimsuits to ensure you have multiple choices, try to pack as many light or bright bikinis as possible to emphasise your tan and show off the summer body you’ve been working for.




Medicine is an essential toiletry, conditions such as asthma can be dangerous if not treated with an inhaler or if you have a nut allergy make sure to always to carry one on you at all times in case of emergency. Forget one of these, and you will not be in for a relaxing getaway.

Self Grooming Accessories

Items such as shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, body wash, razors. Often hotels supply you with a small amount of soap and hair products but it is not much, and there are certain grooming items you would prefer to keep to yourself. Make sure to pack enough for however long your trip is, and if you run out some hotels have shops located around where you can re-stock up.

Makeup Or Styling Tools

Makeup is one of the worst things you could forget, the items you use most are always the easiest to leave your mind. Nobody likes to cake makeup on when in a scorching heat so pack your most lightweight moderate coverage products. Lipgloss, foundation and eyebrow gel are probably all you will need at most.

Men make sure you bring your hair dryers as a lot of hotels charge you to use them or don’t even supply them, so to prevent wild sea hair pack your own. As for hair styling pack any of your favourite hair products or heat tools, but remember not all hair putty and sprays mix well with heat.

Sun Cream

Probably the most forgotten item out of all the toiletries, nobody wants to come home from their sunny retreat as red as a radish so ensure you remember to take the correct factor, especially if you have fair skin. Aftersun is also vital if sun cream does slip your mind and you do end up slightly burnt. Aftersun is the perfect solution and also contains minerals which are great and hydrating for your skin.


flipflops on blue board

Flats are an essential when going away anywhere and it’s important to bring a variety so you can mix and match depending on your outfit.

Bring trainers to pair with denim shorts; they’re also the best thing to opt for if you’re going to be travelling around sightseeing, or if you’re a regular gym user and cannot resist a quick trip to the gym.

How many times have you packed a pair of heels to take away with you that haven’t even left your suitcase? Save the space in your case and ditch your heels, if you want to dress up and outfit a pair of sandals work just as well while also giving you the satisfaction of no sweaty feet or blisters when you remove them.

Espadrilles or sliders are the perfect options for lounging at the pool or an evening meal, espadrilles can compliment a variety of outfits and will keep your feet comfy and cool. Sliders are the more popular alternative to flip flops and are perfect for the beach or relaxing by the pool.


summer bag on beach

It feels like it’s never possible to buy too many bags until you get home to pick which ones to take with you and you spoilt for choice. Luckily we are here to tell you the best and most practical bags to take away with you.

Bumbag/Cross Body Bag

The best option to keep items that are valuable to you in, for example, money or a phone. Cannot be easily removed from your body and is very close making it difficult for anyone else to open.

Beach Bag

These are vast and can be purchased in both material or straw styles. Large enough to fit your beach essentials in such as a book and sun cream or if visiting somewhere for the day has sufficient space to pack lunch or any activity equipment.


Comfortable for light travelling and can be paired with any outfit. Ideal for carrying a spare change of clothes for after the beach or space to pack your lunch while you’re on the move.

Clutch bag

An optional item but can dress up or compliment your outfit on an evening meal out. Also, saves bringing a larger bag with lots of unnecessary space.



Passport And Visa’s

It’s impossible to go anywhere abroad without your passport so if you attempt this you will not get very far. Make sure you keep all passport and visa documentation close on your person so in a bum bag or a wallet inside your bag. Also, make sure all these documents are to date and valid.

Airline Tickets, Hotel Documents And Travel Arrangements

Also, have your airline tickets close on your person so that when it comes to boarding the aircraft, it’s straightforward and also so that you don’t have the possibility of losing them. Hotel documentation should be printed off so that when you reach your destination and get on your transport to the hotel if you have no phone, you can give your driver the documents, so they are aware of your destination. Travel arrangements are vital; nobody wants to be stranded at the airport! book an airport taxi from our offices based in Buckingham or arrange for a family member or friend to pick you up and drop you off.

Cards And Currency

You will also not get very far without any foreign exchange, make sure you have any currency safe and on you, also any bank cards and if necessary and identification to go with it.


couple looking at picture

Mobile Phone And Charger

Your network provider may not even give you the option to use your phone abroad, however its always good to have one in an emergency. It can also be used for social media if your hotel has wifi and can be good for taking photos and videos.


Although your phone can take videos and pictures, a camera is more likely to provide you with better quality and storage. And a lot of the photos on your camera you may not necessarily want on your phone.

Games Console

If you’re going away with children you’re going to have to take along something to keep them occupied – I know this from experience. So something like a DS or a PSP is perfect for travelling around, not only is it pocket sized but it also has an extended life battery that could last the entire day.

Quick Summary

So there you have it, all the items to ensure you have a carefree stressless holiday!

Not all the items on this list may necessarily be relevant to everyone who reads this, but these are the basic items for a broad variety of people.