Self-drive Airport Taxis

Self-drive Airport Taxis

Yes, you read the title right, taxis self-driven, as in it does not include a taxi driver. However I’m not really surprised as today’s technology is increasing and improving at a staggering rate. So in this articles, the details of the self-drive airport taxis will be given in depth, so read on to find out more!

Is it really driver-less?

We would completely understand if you doubted this even for a second, I mean it seems too good to be true right? Yes, technology has improved a lot but not that much, right? And your doubt is partly right, seeing as this is only a trial there is a driver in front, however the car does drive itself and the driver is only there to monitor the car in any case that something goes wrong.

So who’s behind these self-drive airport taxis?

Surprisingly the name of the creators of this phenomenon does not belong to any of the big household corporate names we’re used to. However it belongs to a US-based start-up company called nuTonomy. The company was founded in 2013- so their progress so far has been outstanding! – By two MIT researchers that specialise in robotics and driver-less technology. The company also has offices based in Singapore as well as in the US and was the first company to gain approval from the Singaporean government to test their self-driving taxis, even if they were only to test it in a small in a small area, this is still a very big step! Hopefully these masterminds can introduce these when you need a driver-less airport taxi in Towcester.

So how does it work?

NuTonomy is not a car manufacturer, so they do not operate in building futuristic or modern cars. Instead they are small and refined Renault and Mitsubishi electric cars that are fully equipped with the company’s software and cameras.
The taxi trials is made up of six cars, each of them complete with a complex system that utilities lasers that work like a radar to monitor the car’s surroundings and there are also various cameras that work with the software.

Why was this implemented in Singapore?

What is so special about Singapore anyway? Well we’ll tell you. Singapore is a city with a mass of taxi services, this is because buying car can be very expensive there so therefore taking a taxi is cheaper and they are in high demand.
The traffic in Singapore is also far less chaotic in comparison to cities like London or Brussels. So they not only chose this city for the convenience of the lack of hectic traffic to complete their trials but to also expand their self-driving fleet in Singapore.