How To Save Money On Holiday

How To Save Money On Holiday

We all look forward to our next big holiday. In 2017, the average number of holidays abroad per person was less than two a year. For some of us, one holiday a year is all we get, so why pay more than you need to? From booking your flights to finding affordable hotels: find out how you can save money on holiday.

Why Save Money On Holiday

A study found that after asking over 1000 Brits about their travel saving habits, more than half of those surveyed confessed to deliberately setting aside money for a massive holiday splurge. And to afford this on-holiday shopping spree, most of the people in question revealed they would pay for their trip in monthly instalments. The study also found that over 7% of the people surveyed would go as far as to take on another job in order to afford their holiday and 6% would take out a bank loan. An alternative to putting in overtime or taking out expensive bank loans is to become super savvy when it comes to booking and budgeting. The best way to save money on holiday is to plan well in advance, hunt around for the best deals and stick to your initial budget.

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How to Save Money On Flights:

Carefully consider the time of year you’re planning your holiday for. If you have young families, you’ll have less opportunity as you’ll have to comply with school regulations and travel only out of term time. If you are limited to travelling only during the summer holidays, make sure to opt for the latest dates available. The last week of August or the first week of September are usually significantly more affordable than the weeks before. Travelling during the October half term can also be dramatically cheaper than the rest of the holiday season. If, however, you do not have children at school, you’ll have free rein to travel when you like, so we advise going away out of the school holiday period.

If you have decided to book your holiday independently rather than opting for a package holiday, then it is a good idea to use a comparative website that will indicate the cheapest fares available around the dates you’ve settled on. You can sign up for Skyscanner’s free Price Alert emails to monitor the price of a flight that you’re interested in.

Another super savvy saving tip is to consider choosing an indirect flight. If you’re willing to spend a few extra hours possibly waiting around in the airport departure lounge, you can save up to 15% on your flights.

Make sure to either pre-book your airport parking or if you’re slightly sceptical of leaving your car in a car park for a lengthy period of time, consider booking airport taxis transfers from Milton Keynes. Make sure to book either of these options well in advance; booking on the day can be much more expensive.

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How To Save Money On Accomodation

If you own a reasonably nice property in a fairly desirable area, you could consider a home swap. This is guaranteed to save huge amounts on your accommodation; as the name suggests, its a swap and will cost you virtually nothing. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the country in the comfort of a home, fully accommodated with all of the essentials. Find a reputable agency to ensure there have been proper insurance arrangements organised to protect both you and the other homeowners.

Although most of us love a private pool on holiday, we advise that if you are seriously trying to save on expenses, to avoid booking a villa with a private swimming pool. Theis luxury feature can add hundreds of pounds to the cost of your accommodation. Instead, opt for booking your villa near to the beach so that you can still enjoy the luxury of a daily swim without the additional costs.

Our need for internet connection nowadays is pretty much a necessity, so it is essential to check whether the hotel or villa you have booked provides free Wifi. Most hotels do now offer free coverage but its always a good idea to check initially in order to avoid additional and unnecessary costs. You may need to consider switching your hotel if you require Wifi for your work or to keep in touch with family at home.

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How to Save Money On Dining

Do not be tempted by the minibar. If you are staying in a hotel it can be a temptation, but the cost of the contents of minibars seems to be rising relentlessly. It is also a wise decision to avoid staying for breakfast. Some hotels now are able to charge up to €40 per continental breakfast. If are a family of four and you’re spending that much per person, breakfast will set you back €1120 in just 7 days. That’s almost the price of a second holiday. Nevertheless, if breakfast is included in the price of your hotel stay, then, by all means, take full advantage of the continental breakfasts provided.

When it comes to the rest of your meals, dining out in the local restaurants can be expensive. However, there are methods of cutting down on costs. We also recommend eating at lunchtime. This is the time of day that restaurant menus are always cheaper. It is also a good idea to opt for the fixed-price options or their dish of the day. We also advise having drinks for the menu and instead drink the free tap water. By default, most restaurants will serve mineral water if you do not specify tap water. Choosing a glass of local wine over a fizzy drink is also a much more affordable option.

If you are staying in a villa and having to self-cater, remember that a lot of places will not provide the essentials. Make sure to bring tea bags, coffee, sugar, salt, pepper, bin bags, washing powder and dishwasher tablets with you. A lot of these items will be much more reasonably priced from British supermarkets so it is worth remembering to pack them.


Overall, there are a number of effective ways that you can save money whilst on holiday. You can still enjoy your holiday without living over-extravagantly for a week. Remember to stay within your means, stick to a set budget and paying for unnecessary frills.