How to prepare for a holiday of a lifetime

How to prepare for a holiday of a lifetime

You might have reached a point in life where the only thing you want to do is go away on a holiday of a lifetime, you might be going on your honeymoon, and you want it to be the most memorable holiday. But no one ever tells you how to prepare for a holiday of a lifetime. Here we are going to give you all the information you need; we understand that your head can be a little fuzzy with all the excitement.

How to prepare for a holiday

If you are thinking about taking yourself and loved ones away on a holiday of a lifetime, the first thing you are going to want to look at is saving. We always recommend that when you go away on holiday, you make sure you have enough money to cover all aspect, allowing you to have a stress free experience. If you’re thinking of going to an exotic resort or location that isn’t easy to get to the holiday company are very likely to ask yours for a relatively pricey deposit well in advance of your holiday.

We also recommend that you save a considerable amount of spending money for your holiday of lifetime compared to a standard holiday you go away on. The last thing you want is to of paid a substantial amount getting to your destination and then having minimal money to spend on activities and of course cocktails! If you need to open a savings account we recommend that you use a few comparison sites to get the best for your money, take a look at the following for rates:

Picking your location

If you’re going on a holiday of a lifetime you don’t want it to be somewhere you can go on any old holiday. It should be somewhere special that you would never of thought of going before. Obviously, your destination choice will be based on your budget however picking the destination will give you an idea of what you want to do on your holiday and the type of whether you would like for your holiday. Take a look at our blog on six amazing hotel around the world for some destination inspiration.

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Booking your flights

Your flight is one of the most critical aspects of your travelling plans to get right as it will most likely be one of the most expensive. This should be one of the first things you will need to book as it will allow you to choose your dates, which is also a great way to save money on your holiday. We always recommend that you have a few dates in mind when booking your holiday. You will be surprised that by going at different times of the year you could save yourself hundreds of pounds. We also suggest that you shop around when booking flights.

Booking your hotel or accommodation

Trolling the internet for the best hotels and accommodation can be a long a tedious job. However finding the right place to stay will be the make or break of your holiday, this will be your central hub, so you want it to suit your needs perfectly. There is a range of different hotels you can go for; all-inclusive provides you with everything you need including full catering throughout the day including drinks. Half board usually is just bed and breakfast which is excellent if you want to go and experience the culture of your chosen destination. You can also go for hotels that have a range of activities on offer, take the Melia in Bali for example, they offer a variety of water sports facilities as well as basketball, badminton and tennis courts.

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Make sure all your documents are up to date and aren’t close to expiring, you should also check to see if you need visa’s for the countries you are travelling to. We understand that you might be a bit overcome with excitement, so the last thing you want to forget is your personal documents. So we recommend that you get yourself a wallet to pop all your relevant information in, including, passport, travel documents, insurance and also medical information in case of an emergency.

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Make sure you back all the essentials and anything extra you may need. Remember your going on a holiday of a lifetime so pick some nice outfits that will make you feel good. You will also be taking plenty of pictures of those amazing memories so back chargers and extra batteries if needed.


Book your airport taxi transfers well in advance so you are not disappointed. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to check in at the hotel without rushing. You want this to be one of the most relaxing experiences so try and minimise any stress.


We hope you enjoy every second of your holiday of a lifetime and make plenty of memories. Make sure you are well prepared before going and don’t make any hasty decisions in the process. Make sure that its what you really want to do and where you would love to go, there is no point in wasting money when you want to be going somewhere else. The most important thing when travelling is to remember your passport so keep it safe. Pack all your favourite bits and bobs to make you feel special while you’re away and of course, don’t forget to pack the camera. Finally, just enjoy your trip, don’t worry about anything, sit back relax and forget your day-to-day responsibilities.