6 Of The Weirdest Taxis Around The World

6 Of The Weirdest Taxis Around The World

The typical cabs in England are the famous black cab that you see every day, particularly in London. Somewhat like our airport transfer services, different countries use high-end cars for transport, or some use vehicles that are cheap and easy to get customers around fast and quickly. In this article, we are going to show you some of the weirdest taxis around the world and how different they can be to the ones we have here in England.

Are Taxis As Popular In Other Countries As They Are Here?

Yes they are, taxis are used all over the world for the same reasons we use them, in some places maybe even more than us. Some places such as Bangkok use taxis to speed around and squeeze between traffic to get to locations faster (highly dangerous), but I’m sure they see it as a faster more efficient way to travel.

#1 Moscow

Moscow is one of the richest places on earth and a capital worth billions, and they do indeed show it in their taxi vehicles.

In Moscow, you can find yourself being picked up by a Porsche or Maybach, similar to the cars available to hire at Admiral Airport Taxis Milton Keynes. A ride in style for definite, but you must be cautious when getting in a taxi in any foreign country. But even more so when you order a taxi, and a Porsche pulls up alongside you, you are going to be suspicious if anything.

The prices can also sneak up on you, a vast amount of stories have surfaced about people not realising the price of their taxi until they reach your destination, so make sure you ask your driver for a quote before driving anywhere.

#2 Vienna

These taxis certainly keep the tradition of Vienna at a high. Fiakers are a form of taxi service in Vienna, and it’s a horse drawn carriage. The history of Fiakers date back to as far as the 16th century, and the name originates from French. It was a growing trade and back when they were first introduced many people wanted to start their own Fiaker transport business.

They were typically established and continued by the city’s rich heritage but now are a permanent tradition of Vienna. They are mainly used for a romantic trip with people with their partners, and you can ask for a “porcelain ride” which is gentler and smoother. The porcelain ride comes from when Fiakers were used to transport porcelain between cities.

fiaker in vienna

#3 Japan

Turtle Taxis are a rising company in Japan and Tokyo; Turtle Taxis only started being brought out on the streets last December and have been a major hit with the country’s citizens.

Turtle Taxis were designed to be more economically friendly, and for the comfort of customers, if you’re not in a hurry or are pregnant or even just feel queasy you are able to press the turtle button, and your specially trained driver will take his time getting you to your destination.

It is beneficial to the environment as it lowers the amount of sudden stopping or sudden acceleration which decreases the amount of fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions, the turtle taxi has proved highly popular, and a lot of people are calling up for their services.

#4 Bangkok

Bangkok is the most densely populated city in Thailand; therefore it’s going to be considerably difficult to get around. Tuk Tuks are small three-wheeled open-air vehicles that are used in Bangkok to get around super fast, they’re mostly used for short journeys and can dart in and out of busy traffic jammed roads.

Although Tuk Tuks look fun and harmless, they can sometimes be dangerous if you are a tourist or someone who doesn’t know a great deal about the area you are in. There have been countless scam stories about tourists who have been charged extortionate rates by tuk-tuk drivers who scam people. For example, making random stops to shops in the hope that their passengers will purchase something. The tuk-tuk drivers receive rewards from the store owners for any customers they can get to buy any merchandise, and this also increases the rate on the Tuk Tuk.

Tuk tuks should only be used for short journeys, if sat in vast amounts of traffic you can be exposed to the scorching sun for longer then you should be. Not only this but also the poisonous fumes from all of the other motor vehicles around you, you’ll spend all of the time you are sat in traffic inhaling all of those toxic fumes.

 tuk tuk in bangkok

#5 Mumbai

Mumbai’s Padmini taxi cabs are an icon of Mumbai; they may look like your average taxi cab from the outside with their simple black body and yellow roof, but you will soon be surprised when you step inside of one.

These cars from the outside may look beaten up with their wobbly door handles and tinted windows, but you just cannot help but be intrigued to take a peek at the interior of these old vehicles. However, these cars are dying out at a fast rate after the production of them came to a halt over 15 years ago, after production first started in the seventies! And bringing in the ban of vehicles over 20 years old being used as public transport has made taking a ride in one of these iconic taxis strenuous.

Step inside this car and be amazed at the authentic decor, the drivers of these cars often showed their creative flare and decorated the interior of their taxi with colourful logos and images to make it personal to them. Their lack of air conditioning can make them really troublesome to travel in without having to stick your head out of the window, but the decor makes it so much more attractive.

#6 Cuba

Cubas Coco taxis can not be missed, with their bright yellow and green decor these taxis are an eye-catching vehicle. However, do not be fooled as these cars may look small and funny but they can reach a pretty high speed. Coco taxis can be used to transport tourists from their hotels to downtown Cuba, like our airport transfers in Milton Keynes or just for a fun ride. Although similar to the tuk-tuk it turns out this fun form of public transport is actually cheaper than the taxis in Cuba and can even be negotiated.

Coco Taxis originally got their name from tourists, due to their spherical shape they said that the car looks like an oversized coconut hence the name “Coco” taxi. It quickly grew, and now there are two different types, the black coco taxis with yellow are only available for the locals, and the yellow and green coco taxis are for tourists.

coco taxis in cuba downtown


So there you have it! 6 of the weirdest taxis from all around the world, not quite as safe or practical as the taxis available at Admiral Airport Taxis , ,but they’re very fun and a big attraction for tourists on their travels. If you enjoyed this article then why not like or share?