6 Amazing Hotels Around The World

6 Amazing Hotels Around The World

Hotels are typically associated with business trips and holidays, they are rarely ever a spontaneous event and are not usually picked from the way they look but normally for the facilities they have. There are some amazing hotels around the world, and we’ve written an article to show you some of the best of them.

Are these Amazing Hotels Overly Expensive?

In all honesty, some of the price labels on a few of these hotels are slightly hefty, and if you are certain you want to go, then it makes take a few months of saving to reach your target goal.

However, we understand that everyone has a budget at some point so alongside some of the most expensive hotels in the world we will be listing average affordable priced hotels too!

So the question you’re all asking is what are these amazing hotels and where are they situated? Keep reading to find out!

#1 Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel

This hotel is organised as a chain of differentiating pods within the Amazon Rainforest, which are linked together by an incredible 4 metres of hard wooden catwalk.

This hotel is the only one of its kind, and although people often speculate and raise questions whether or not the hotel knocked down massive amounts of rainforest for the building and its facilities. It has been proven that the Ariau Hotel is purely placed on top of an already deserted part of the Amazon Rainforest and allows wildlife to live in peace undisturbed.

All suites come with the luxury of tropical decor throughout your room, air conditioning, queen or double beds, a balcony and a private mini bar. However, if this isn’t luxury enough for you then why not spend a night in one of the tree house or tarzan suites? Relax in a room hand made out of genuine Amazonian trees while you enjoy cable TV in a queen sized bed alongside playrooms and private bathrooms.

ariau hotel in the amazon rainforest
Photo Credits To Ariau Hotel

#2 Das Park Hotel

Located in Linz Austria, this hotel is most likely to be one of the most strangest nights’ sleep you’ve ever had. As unappealing as this hotel looks it’s had many positive reviews and friendly feedback, made from old sewage pipes – yes sewage pipes that thankfully have been sanitised are available to customers for the night as a place to stay.

As unbelievable as it is this hotel makes a perfect natural room out of resources that were already available to them without having to construct and receive planning permission or go through any of that palaver.

So if you dream is to sleep in a concrete sewer pipe, then this is the hotel for you – complete with a double bed, storage, power outlets, blankets and light your stay is sure to be comfortable.

#3 Skylodge Adventure Suites

If your adrenaline junkie then we have found you the ultimate adrenaline rush, The Skylodge Adventure Suites are located in Peru – hanging off the side of the Via Ferrata mountain over the Sacred Valley of Peru.

Not only is this insane hotel situated on the edge of a mountain, but it is also transparent, so from your bed, you can virtually see yourself above the city of Peru. To access this hotel, you have to be in shape as you venture up the Via Ferrata mountain, or access the hotel by hiking and a variety of ziplines.

The rooms are completely safe and have been thoroughly checked through by professionals, created out of weather resistant polycarbonate it’s pretty tough and is going to get bruised and battered before anything serious can happen. Each suite can hold 8 people and comes with 4 beds, a dining area and a private bathroom.

skylodge suites on the side of Via Ferrata
Photo credit: Luna sin estrellas via Visual hunt / CC BY

#4 Manta Resort

Visit the Manta Resort in Pemba Tanzania for a hotel stay that you are surely not to forget, one of the most relaxing, beautiful sights you could see and it’s all available to you while in the comfort of a king-sized bed.

Relax in the sun in complete serenity, this holiday is all about relaxation so if you seek close nature encounters, and time to yourself then this is ideal for you, as this hotel is situated on a remote island just off the east coast of Africa.

Take a break from our heavy technology filled world and relax, you can purchase packages so that you have activities to do while you stay, safaris and deep sea diving are all options that are open to you when you stay at the manta resort. Because this hotel is so direct and situated on a desolated island then make sure your organisation is perfect, for cheap travel to the airport we offer airport taxi transfers Milton Keynes for all of our customers catching the plane to their dream destination.

#5 Costa Verde Hotel

Yet another hotel created from resources already there, a Colombian 1685 Boeing plane was abandoned years ago and was later restored as what is now known as the Costa Verde Hotel.

Widely used as a romantic get away the Costa Verde Hotel is recommended for adults, situated in the middle of a flourishing green rainforest with an outstanding view of the Pacific ocean Costa Verde is the host to many weddings and events. It also holds activities such as yoga as you share the ground with monkeys, iguanas, sloths and many more jungle inhabitants.

costa verde abandoned plane hotel
Photo Credits To Costa Verde Hotel

#6 Hotel De Glace

Situated in Quebec Canada, the Hotel De Glace is one of northern Americas most precious gems and one of the biggest North American tourist hotspots. Mentioning this, this hotel has seen a pretty familiar face; this hotel was used for filming during Leonardo DiCaprio, so if you’re a big Titanic or Romeo and Juliet fan then this could be a stay worth making.

Only a short trip from Quebec town centre this hotel has housed 4 million tourists and holiday goers since its door opened in 2001, choose from a premium suite with a beautiful coloured fireplace situated in your room to keep you warm in case the ice gets to you.

Also offering facilities such as a spa, sauna and a chapel the Ice Hotel has something for everyone and was built to suit a wide variety of people.


There are more amazing hotels around this world, but we chose the best and the most breathtaking, there are a variety of adventure hotels that put your adrenaline levels to the test, or revert to a relaxing resort such as the manta resort in Tanzania and relax in the blazing sunlight just above water level.

All of the hotels listed in this article have their own unique features and facilities which are what makes them so inviting. Are you going on holiday soon? Why not use our airport transfers in Milton Keynes for cheap airport taxi transfer.

We hope this article was helpful and informative – if it was then why not share with your friends family and fellow thrill seekers?