5 Of The Best Destinations To Holiday Alone

5 Of The Best Destinations To Holiday Alone

Going on holiday alone may seem like a daunting aspect, but it can actually be really relaxing and aid you in blossoming your personality.

Why Should I Holiday Alone?

Holidaying alone isn’t necessarily scary and can have some benefits for yourself, holidays alone can give the opportunity to socialise with the friendly locals or other travellers. What better way to distress by surfing on the crystal clear blue ocean with the sun shining? Or relaxing on the beach with traditional native food, there is so many things and locations to explore so you should embrace it!

When you go on holiday with other people it’s always a struggle to agree on what the plans for the day and evening are, you might want to do one thing, and they want to do another. So the joys of holidaying by yourself are that you can decide exactly what you want to do when you want, no compromising you can explore wherever you wish.

And of course the de-stressing and unwinding aspect of any holiday, why not book some healthy living classes abroad or do yoga on the beach? So now we’ve covered why you should holiday alone we should surely list some of the best destinations for alone holidaymakers and travellers – so keep reading!

#1 New York City

What travelling article cannot name the big apple, New York is one of the most renown cities known across the globe, the distinctive accent, restaurants and of course the copious amounts of both high street and high-end brand shops available.

For lone travellers New York is perfect, explore the vast amounts of both large and small popular restaurants, or venture down to the Brooklyn flea market for some of the most delicious street food available.

Visit Central Park and skim along the famous Manhatten icerink or visit the central park zoo that inspired the film Madagascar, this destination is perfect for those looking for a trip in the busy city.

NYC central park view

#2 Barcelona

A gorgeous Spanish location known for its incredible artwork and its landmarks, Barcelona is an expensive, yet unforgettable break so is worth the time and money. Famous for its authentic tastebud tingling tapas you may want to take a trip down to the city centre and treat yourself to a tasty Spanish chicken and chorizo tapas, or for vegetarians why not try the seafood option?

If tapas isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of other delicious food markets and street stalls dotted around for a delicious snack. Barcelona has many gorgeous sights such as the ever so famous Sagrada Família which is not yet completed but still available for visitation, why not take a trip to one of Barcelona’s many authentic coffee houses for a moment of relaxation.

#3 Thailand

Thailand is known as one of the top countries for travelling, famous for its sights and its nightlife Thailand can be the perfect destination for you to meet a new friend for life. Thailand is often ventured by lone travellers; this is because it’s easy to make new friends and you have so many opportunities to meet a variety of different people.

Thailand is also inexpensive, so if you are looking for a lengthy lone holiday without breaking the bank, then this is perfect for you, if you like adventures and hiking then Thailand has so much to offer, with national parks and cliffs to explore. Or visit the beaches and go swimming with whale sharks or snorkel and explore the depths of Thailands ocean.

And once you’ve done all of this it’s time to make friends and party, with Thailands reputation for its incredible nightlife you can go almost anywhere and have a fantastic night. Visit some of the bars and restaurants near your hotel before heading out to party.

Caves of Thailand

#4 Kenya

An absolutely remarkable holiday for lone travellers, Kenya is home to the famous 5 which can be seen widely across Kenya (not that you’d want to encounter them alone). Kenya is renowned for its safari activities, and it is the perfect opportunity to see the world in its natural form. Choose between the Kenyan safari and get up close and personal with giraffes, rhinos, zebras, lions and elephants – we promise that this will be better than any trip to the zoo.

If your an animal fanatic then this could be the perfect opportunity for you to visit some of the worlds most feared and favoured animals in their natural habitats from as close as you can be. Visit Mount Kilimanjaro for an unforgettable adventure and then finish off with some traditional Kenyan food amongst Maharagwe or Nyama Choma.

#5 New Zealand

One of the most beautiful countries in this world, New Zealand is suitable for a lone or family holiday. New Zealand has so much to offer and also has the same sociable properties as the other countries mentioned due to the sociable, friendly locals. If you like to be at one with nature then this is the ideal destination to treat yourself to a relaxing break, most of this beautiful country has no light pollution, and just recently it was labelled a dark sky reserve. Meaning that it is the best place to stargaze with the most precise visibility for those hoping for a celestial show.

Or take a trip to the clear waters and quench your thirst for adventure with adventure water sports down the fast rapids, choose between rafting, zip-wiring, caving, jet boating and skydiving! There is never a dull moment when you travel to this fast pace destination, or for those looking for relaxation there is also hiking and food and wine tasting activities so that you can experience a real slice of New Zealand.

New Zealand islands


The world is an open book, and you can travel anywhere you like, these are just some of the best places for tourists that are known for the friendly locals as well as the breathtaking activities available. Travelling alone can be fun and can give you a real opportunity to see the world without any obstacles in the way to hold you back, you are free to be who you want and experience things that you never could with a group of people. If your going travelling soon then be sure to book airport transfers Milton Keynes to the airport for a smooth drive to the airport.

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