Why should you go on an Aussie road trip?

Why should you go on an Aussie road trip?

What better way to travel around Australia than to go on a road trip. Gorgeous beaches and long stretched roads with a number of city locations to visit we are going to discuss why we think you should go on an Aussie road trip.

How to do an Aussie road trip

We always recommend taking a few weeks to carry out your road trip, while you can do most of it in two weeks we believe you need a little time in each location to take in your surroundings and experience life as an Aussie.

Saving money

One thing we always recommend doing is taking time to save the money before you head off. What many young people tend to do is have enough to get out there and enough for a month, but if they wish to stay a little longer, they either come back to mum and dad or end up having to work out there to be able to fund their trip. You want to save enough to be able to live comfortably and experience things without ever having to worry or skimp for cash.


Not everyone is going to want to make an itinerary, but we recommend making a rough one. It will give you direction for your trip and if you go off of it well who cares! Make sure that you visit every location you really want to and give yourself the time to get there and enjoy any activities or local culture.

Sydney to Perth

If you are thinking of travelling from Sydney to Perth, your journey will roughly be 3,728 miles. There are a few places we think you should travel to along the way including Melbourne, Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Ecula and Esperance before hitting Perth.

Things to do in Sydney

There are so many different things to do in Sydney but if your feeling like a bit of a daredevil we recommend taking the climb up Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is the perfect place to experience Sydney from soaring heights.

Bondi Icebergs Pool is one of the most photographed ocean pools in Australia. It is a 50-meter salt water pool perfect for sunbathing and swimming with ease. When you visit, you don’t only get access to the pool but also gyms and sauna.

Bondi Beach

Gordon’s bay is also an exquisite place to visit in a secluded location making it a great spot for snorkelling. You can take guided tours as well as going on your own, which allow to your witness a range of sea life including starfish, sea urchins, cuttlefish and blue gropers.


If your thinking about taking a stop in Melbourne we recommend visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. It holds over 10,000 plant species from around the world; it holds majestic trees and tranquil lakes which are home to some amazing wildlife.

Artvo is a great place to visit when you want a little fun and fantastic pictures. The art gallery consists of 3D trick art with over 11 zones for those priceless photos. You are encouraged to touch and interact with the art unlike normal art galleries allowing you to feel as though you are in well-known films.

Who doesn’t love a zoo, well you should most definitely visit Melbourne zoo. Home to over 250 species from around the world, you can also have the unique experience of being eye to eye with orangutans in an elevated exhibition. You can also book plenty of close-up encounters with a range of animals.



Adelaide is perfect for when you want to go for a wine tasting experience. You can take small group winery tours, allowing you to relax all day with friends, great wine and good food.

You will also want to visit Waterfall Gully with stunning scenery you can take a long trek up the waterfall. It has a range of different treks you can take all different lengths. Once at the top of the waterfall you can get a great view of Adelaide city. If your an animal fan you may also come across wild koalas and kangaroos.

Waterfall Gully

Port Lincoln

When you stop at Port Lincoln, you will want to stop at Coffin Bay National Park which has unspoilt coastal scenery and lush, long white beaches. Ideal for boating, fishing, diving and windsurfing you can explore the cliffs and massive dunes.


Ecula is one of the unique places to go diving, Weebubbie cave is a great place to spend ages under water. Leading to two lakes one large and one small.


When in Esperance you must see Spencer Lake, its a pink salt lake on the Western Australian front. In the right weather conditions, the lake turns extremely pink due to the increase in algae.

When you come to visit the pink lakes, we also recommend taking a look at wildlife during the June to September it explodes along the coast. The blooming includes gorgeous orchids and banksias; you can view a display of over 400 wildflower species.

Pink Lakes


There is a so much to do in Perth, but we recommend taking a trip to the race course, you can get a great view of the race course with excellent bars and restaurants.

We also think you should take a trip to Norie Miller Park, a perfect spot for a long walk amongst nature in a big city. At night the park is lit with entertainment for excellent family fun.


There is so much to do in Australia, an extremely picturesque country you won’t be short of things to do. If you’re not stopping off at all locations, we recommend going through our list and picking your top must go see locations.

While you may not want to plan your Aussie road trip in detail, we recommend booking your airport taxis in Towcester as soon as possible. The journey over to Australia is a rather long one, so you want to make it as relaxing as possible.

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