What To Do When Your Flight Is Delayed

What To Do When Your Flight Is Delayed

Regular holiday goers and members of the public can understand that airports can be a long, tireless place to be sometimes – flight delays, flight cancellations and waiting around, the clock just is not on your side sometimes. When a flight is delayed, you may not realise that you’re entitled to compensation and that there are also a few things you can do in the attempt to improve your time spent in the airport.

What Am I Entitled To When My Flight Is Delayed?

There have been numerous amounts of stories surfacing regarding airlines and their staff being negligent towards passengers on board of planes. Just recently there was a story featured on the news about a man travelling onboard an airline who was dragged off the plane against his will – and during this stressful event was injured.

So, before we get onto the subject of things to do when your flight is delayed lets quickly run through the steps of what you may be entitled to do if your flight is either delayed or cancelled.

First of all, if you are on a flight and it arrives over 3 hours late to its destination, then you are entitled to up to £600 under laws based on EU law – however, you are excluded from this compensation if delays are subject to “extraordinary circumstances”. Extraordinary circumstances are events that despite even if the airline took precautionary action could not be prevented – e.g. snow blizzards and severe thunder storms.

However it’s important for us to mention that these entitlements are all under EU law, therefore if you are not travelling from an EU airport or on an EU airline, then you may not be entitled to this compensation, and you may have to take a different route.

So now for another important part of this article, there is nothing worse than waiting around an airport for hours on end with no clue on whats going on or when you are going to finally board your plane. And the worst part is it happens quite regularly, so instead of moping around tired and stressed, take a few of these tips on things you can do at the airport and make your time at the airport slightly more enjoyable.

Make Most Of Your Facilities

Over the recent years, health has become a much bigger topic, and many people are taking part in regular exercise to keep fit. And for people that don’t exercise they are putting into play things that will encourage people to exercise and get in shape.

Which is why a lot of modern buildings these days have sports rooms and fitness activities available to take part in, so if you’re stressed and stuck in an airport than a lot of updated airports have features such as yoga or meditation rooms where you can take a moment to release all your stress and relax.

Some airports even have their own gyms to cater for all the gym bunnies catching flights – complete with a complimentary hot shower. Exercising can be the perfect way to let off some steam, pass the time and make yourself tired and ready for a long sleep.

woman doing yoga poses


The most obvious point ever – what does everyone do when they’re tired? Sleep is the best remedy for stress, sadness, and happiness. By having regular naps and sleeps while waiting for your flight the time will fly by.

Not only this but if you are under tremendous amounts of stress or you are angry about your flight being delayed or cancelled then short 30 minute naps can help you relax and de-stress.


Waiting for anything is boring, so you need something to do to tide you over, and sometimes cheesy family games are the perfect way to lift everybody’s spirits.

Think of games that you would play on car journeys or trips, Ispy may not work the best in the airport as it’s often the same thing around you and there isn’t anything to see.

You can always make up your own games; this particularly works well with young children. A typical game to play in the airport (because it’s filled with thousands of people) is the guessing game, you and your family or friends have to discreetly make up stories about the lives of the people around you. The aim of the game is to guess their occupation, whether they are married and where they are from – things like that.

family playing game

Do Something You Wouldn’t Normally Do

Back at home, you may have a genuine hatred for reading, but when you’re here all there is that’s open is a bookshop or a 24-hour shop that supplies them. What else is there to do? You should try things that you wouldn’t usually try – you are going on holiday after all (eventually).

Try some food you didn’t think you liked, or go to a restaurant that you wouldn’t eat at – even eat dessert before dinner, you have nothing else to do, and you may as well try and make things as interesting as possible.

You never know, you could find something that you genuinely like that you didn’t think you did.

Clean Out Your Wallet

Although this sounds like a strange thing to do it can be highly satisfying especially if you are a hoarder and have years worth of receipts tucked away.

By doing this, you also give yourself extra storage for any documents you may need to take on holiday with you, you also make it easier for yourself to store foreign currency so that you can keep track of how much you are spending.

freshly cleaned out wallet


When you are in the airport, it’s the clock that’s against you not the airport, so it’s important that you don’t take your anger out on any of the airport staff.

If you are on your flight home and become delayed, but you’ve ordered an airport taxi Buckingham with Admiral Airport Taxis, then it’s not a problem our driver receive any flight delays or cancellations, so they will always be aware of your flights progress.

We hope this article was helpful, if it was then why not share with your friends and family – or someone you know going abroad soon!