Ways to make long distance travel easier

Ways to make long distance travel easier

Travelling a long haul flight from the UK is an exciting and new experience for many people. We often hear about people dreading the journey but thrilled about the destination. Here we have established a number of ways to make long distance travel easier.

Long Distance Travel

Follow our simple but useful long distance travelling tips, so you don’t forget anything, simply enjoy your trip with minimal hassle.


We always recommend you make a list of things you need to pack; there is nothing more annoying than getting somewhere and forgetting your medication or even small but critical items such as sunglasses. Make sure that you always pack the essential first, things you can’t live without on holiday. Pack light, you don’t want to be dragging more than one large suitcase around with you, your better off packing exactly what you need and anything you can purchase out there such as shampoo and conditioner you should do so, not to mention it will help with your given weight allowance for your bag.

One thing people always forget to pack is a universal plug adapter. Your better off purchasing a universal adapter kit, so you are never without one no matter where you are travelling to in the world.

You should always have less than the given baggage allowance when flying to your destination. A lot of travellers tend to pick up items as presents or sentimental pieces along the way and then find they do not have enough room in their bags or suitcases. The last thing you want is to leave anything behind, so on that basis leave around 5 kilos free if possible.

Cameras and Phones

Don’t forget when travelling you’re going to want to take a vast amount of pictures. The saying goes if it wasn’t on Instagram did it even happen? So make sure that you have all the relevant charging gear for your devices. If you need a new memory card or any additional memory for your camera visit My Memory. You may also want to think about downloading a film for your flight in case they don’t have individual in-flight tvs.

Plan your transfers

Something that you should always consider and plan ahead is your airport taxi transfers from home to the airport and then on the other side from the airport to hotel and vice versa on the way back. There is nothing more irritating than not having this sorted and waiting for ages for transportation. Not only does is waste precious time it also makes travelling a stressful experience.


During long-haul flights, a lot of people tend to sleep long hours which actually isn’t good for your body. If you suffer from jet lag pretty bad then sleeping on a long haul flight can often make the effects a lot worse.

Don’t be panicked if you find your flight is delayed by a couple of hours; sometimes there are things we cant help nor product. You can claim your flight back if it has been postponed due to the airline, you can take a look at the Citizens Advice website for more information.

It may sound a bit odd, but make yourself as comfortable as possible during your flight. It doesn’t mean annoying anyone else on the flight so you can have more leg room. There are a couple of small things you can do to make you feel more comfortable in flight. Take your shoes off, after a couple of hours on a flight you might find that your feet become fatigued. Do some light stretching, this includes legs, arms and more specifically neck, due to sitting up right you can find that your limbs become stiff, so don’t be afraid to get out your seat to stretch.


Always read reviews on travel sites of places to eat, places to visit and beach or coastal areas. Trip Advisor is a great site that will allow you to judge whether to attend a specific place; you don’t want to be wasting any precious time going to somewhere that won’t be fun or interesting. Follow your intuition, don’t always go to famous places, the best moments of your travel can sometimes be the unexpected. You might find you come across a hidden gem and end up spending longer than you thought at one place.

Tropical Pool Leading To beach


Understand your surroundings when you get to your location if its somewhere you have never been before knowing all your amenities. You want to know where all local shops are just in case you run out of any of the essentials such as sun cream. Make sure you are aware of any restaurants, it is really frustrating when you’re walking around for ages trying to find places to eat. Make sure that if you need to travel you get yourself a local travel card, this is normally cheaper than buying individual tickets.


Travelling long distance is an eye-opening experience, so make sure that you are well prepared with a camera and phone chargers. Keep connected to close friends and family to ensure they know your safe during your travels when on holiday it can be easy to become unconnected to the world. However, we always recommend when travelling somewhere you haven’t before you let someone know where you are and that you’re safe. Pack light, don’t over pack, you don’t want to be chucking anything away that may become sentimental to your travels. Make sure when flying you make your self-comfortable, don’t worry about delays to your flight, sometimes you can predict the whole journey. Research eat place you want to visit and make sure they are really worth your time. Don’t be afraid to visit somewhere that doesn’t have reviews, go with your gut instinct, if it’s somewhere you want to visit do so, you’ll only be thinking about it when your home.