Top 5 best Christmas Markets in Europe

Top 5 best Christmas Markets in Europe

Christmas shopping is not always about traipsing around supermarkets, shopping centres or large department stores. You may want to visit a Christmas market while you might think its all about beer and food you will be pleasantly surprised at the Christmas presents you can pick up. Some of the best Christmas markets are across the continent, so here we are going to discuss our five best Christmas markets in Europe.

Christmas Markets in Europe

Taking a trip away during the Christmas period is the perfect way to get into the festive mood. With baked apples, chocolate and plenty of beer there is something for everyone, and you will be sure to have a good time.

Munich, Germany

Munich has one of the best Christmas markets in Europe, with almost 300 stalls, you will most definitely have plenty to look at while your there. The Christmas market in Munich still retains its traditional Bavarian character, showcasing a variety of handmade items. You can find an array of handmade Christmas ornaments and decorations. The Christmas markets open at 10 am so you can spend the whole day there, including 160 stalls offering food for a variety of palettes. The most significant attraction of this Christmas market is the Christmas tree in a central location with huge lights to glow up Munich. If you are also looking for something different, you can attend Wintertollwood, which has more of a party atmosphere. Showcasing live concerts and plenty of ethnic foods.

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Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one the most gorgeous cities all year round, especially during the festive period. Hosting a quaint Christmas market, there is plenty to do for everyone. As well as the Christmas markets, you can find yourself always busy. Don’t forget to enjoy the Chimney Cake while walking around the Budapest Christmas markets. You can enjoy thermal bath bliss in a number of locations across Budapest; you can also add an aromatic message while your there. Enjoy a delightful cruise on the river Danube, even more, beautiful as the dark evening draws in and the city lights let Budapest glow. For more information on the cruises available if you wish to travel over the beautiful city of Budapest at If you want to stay a little longer over the Christmas period, you can go to some of the worlds best New Year’s Eve parties. With magical lighting and fantastic music don’t forget to enjoy bringing in the New Year in the thermal baths.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna holds one of the oldest traditional Christmas markets in Europe, dating back to 1294. There are a variety of different versions of the Christmas markets; hidden in the cobbled streets, it holds a friendly atmosphere. Vienna embraces the artisan craft stores with delightful sweet treats to eat along the way. Visitors can skate across a 3,000 m² ice rink enjoying the brisk air. This unique Christmas market also has a Children’s World, which has a carousel, reindeer train and beautiful Christmas lights around the park; all lights are based on Christmas stories for children. New for 2017 Vienna has introduced a champagne bar, so you can sit back and relax the traditional Christmas music while sipping on some bubbly. The Christmas markets are placed within the unique palace gardens, which provide gorgeous, tranquil settings for the elegant handcrafts and delicious food options.

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Basel, Switzerland

The beautiful Swiss Christmas markets are located in Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz, which is right in the centre of the city. In the heart of the old town, you will find a stunning Christmas tree. The doors also open to visitors to enjoy a fun fondue Christmas dinner. The Basel Christmas markets host over 180 different traders offering a variety of artisan food and gifts in rustic wooden chalets. If you are still looking for gift idea, it’s a great place for inspiration. You will most definitely enjoy waffle perfection, a genuine Basel Läckerli, which is a type of gingerbread, and by popular demand the delicious grilled sausage.

If you have young children Basel, Switzerland is the perfect place to visit. Christmas fairy-tale forest allows children to make, pour and decorate their own festive candles. Offering a fantastic outside joyful experience they will be taken away for our enjoying crafts such a decorating gingerbread, eating food by a campfire and making Christmas florals.

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Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn holds authentic European Christmas markets and is amongst one of the oldest capitals in Northern Europe with one of the best medieval town centres. Tallinn, Estonia is extremely good value and won’t cost you an arm and a leg to visit. The Christmas markets hold a small touch of a fairy-tale town held in the Town Hall Square. The best thing about the Estonian Christmas markets is the long-standing Christmas tree in which it is centred around, standing since 1441 making it the first Christmas tree to be displayed in Europe. Well known for the Estonian food you can enjoy tasty black pudding and sour cabbage. The most unique thing about Tallinn markets is that they change ever so slightly every year, this year the lights have been altered to create warmer ambience, creating a cosier feel to the place. The stage has been delicately decorated with over 600 Christmas stars celebrating the 575 years of Christmas markets running in Estonia.


If you are thinking about travelling to a location within Europe over the Christmas period, you will first want to look at Hotels. Visit Kayak for more information on different locations; they offer a variety of European destinations at low and affordable prices. You will most likely want to take all stress away when visiting a festive Christmas markets, so we recommend booking airport taxis. Have a wonderful Christmas and make it feel even more festive by attending one of our top five locations. With great food and inspirational shopping, you can enjoy the Christmas lights and music. Our top favourites include Budapest and Basel, perfect for the whole family with plenty to do, so you will never be bored. Children can be occupied with crafts while parents sit drinking mulled wine or perfect bubbly.