Most Common and Strangest Things Left in Taxis

Most Common and Strangest Things Left in Taxis

It’s likely that you have forgotten things in a taxi before; maybe because you were carrying a mountain of bags or you were just busy chatting away, it’s a common thing. In our new article, we discuss ‘Most common and strangest things Left in a Taxi’, for more, read on!

Common Items in Taxis

First, we are going to start the list off with things that are commonly left in taxis, from keys to phones and how taxi drivers professionally deal with it.

  • 1. Handbags
  • Most women carry their handbag with them everywhere, so isn’t it strange that some still manage to forget it? Taxi Drivers were asked what is the most common thing they have found in their taxicabs, and most responded with handbags and everything in them!

  • 2. Phones
  • It seems like everyone’s phone is permanently strapped to their ear these days, so it’s a mystery how people still manage to leave them behind. Taxi drivers have said they usually find missing phones during their night shift, or during the weekends where people have a bit of a drink and become more forgetful.

  • 3. Keys
  • Keys are a nuisance. I have lost my keys on many occasions, and many taxi drivers can testify to finding lots of keys in their taxi on more than one occasion!

Set of Keys

Taxi Drivers have said that keys are also one of the most common items found in their cabs after their shift, and customers just constantly loose them.

To return the items mentioned prior, every taxi driver just simply goes to the nearest police station and hands the item over to ensure the customer gets their item back.

Strange Items

You witnessed the good, normal items, now welcome to the dark side. We will now list some of the strangest Items found in a taxi cab including:

  • 4. A Gold Fish
  • A live goldfish in a bag was just casually left in the back of a taxi. We fail to understand how someone can forget this, but maybe it was an unwanted gift? Who knows?

  • 5. Two Dead Mice
  • We want to give the person the benefit of doubt and say maybe the mice were meant for a pet snake or any other pet. If not, well, it’s a very unpleasant thing to find.

  • 6. A baby
  • Yes, you read that right. A live baby was left in the back of a taxicab. However, the taxi driver handled the situation very well as they took the baby to the nearest station after the Guardian failed to return and collect their child.

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