How To Find Cheap Airline Tickets

How To Find Cheap Airline Tickets

Is there a better feeling than packing for a holiday and jetting off knowing you’ve got your relaxing retreat for a reasonable price? Although searching for budget holidays is difficult, if done correctly you can find some really cheap airline tickets.

How Much Cheaper Are Cheap Airline Tickets?

You will be pleased to hear that cheap airline tickets can be up to 80% cheaper than standard airline tickets, this can be down to mistakes made by staff running the website which cannot be reversed, or it may just be a limited time bargain available with a budget airline.

Whatever has happened it has helped you, and you’ve ended up with a luxurious yet affordable getaway without breaking the bank. So if you’re in search of tactics to get around airlines charging extortionate prices, then keep on reading this article and learn how you can swipe up some crazily cheap airline tickets.

Don’t Be Last Minute

A lot of people going to book holidays often wait it out to see if prices will drop or a surprise sale will reduce the price of their tickets, but truth be told the waiting game is not always your best component in this situation.

If you know exactly where you would like to go and the dates that you want to go then do not hesitate, because the more time you wait, the more likely flight companies are to pile on the price – especially in summer time. If you see a flight that is cheap or has been reduced for a limited amount of time then grab it up because if you don’t it’s highly likely that somebody else will.

You can also book a cheap holiday with ease if you have plenty of flexibility, a lot of holiday destinations, hotels and flights all shoot up come July or August. This is because of school holidays and scorching weather, everyone wants to be on vacation this time of year and airlines know this – so of course, they increase the prices to triple what they’re worth. Being flexible (although easier said than done) can save you a serious amount, a lot of airlines hold flash sales for flights next week or at the end of the month so if you have the flexibility these last-minute flights can be crazy cheap.

Use A Travel Agent

Travel agents hold exceptional undercut rates that are not directly accessible to the public; they only share these prices with those who make an appointment and look through brochures. Despite the fact this option is slightly more long winded than the others, they can offer you excellent discounts.

However, for the lowest prices, we suggest you do your own research before hand and find some of the best airline flight prices and then present them to your travel agent and see if they can match it. The likelihood is they will knock off some of the prices to make it cheaper than the flights you researched, as they get rewards for every sale that they make.

travel agent giving customers tickets

Use Up Those Flight Points

If you have an old store credit card or a club card of some sort that you’ve forgotten about, then these can be a gold mine for airline flight points that you didn’t even realise you had. Large enterprises such as Tesco as part of their club card scheme offer flight points that can be collected with every purchase you make from one of their stores, and if you collect enough points, you can actually bag a free holiday.

A lot of credit card companies have that as one of the options as their joining choices; you may not know that you have them, but you, in fact, do so make sure to check all of your credit or store cards as they could be the key to your dream holiday.

Search Incognito

If you search for flights on your standard browser, then websites begin to collect cookies and begin showing adverts related to what you’re searching for or interested in buying. Even if you clear your cookies and browser history, these adverts will still continue to pop up.

Not only this but when you find a decent priced holiday if you do not book it as soon as you find it then based on your cookies that airline company will continue to show it on your other tabs. Only the price will have slightly raised – this is a trick used by airline companies to trick customers into quickly purchasing flights that they think are incredibly cheap as they believe that if they do not buy them now, then the prices will continue to raise up more and more.

So by browsing incognito on your browser, not only do you have no search history for anyone to follow but you also have no companies storing your cookies. Just like last minute flights when companies use cookies to provide flights for their related audience, they ever so slightly raise the prices so that you book the flights quick before the price increases anymore. It’s a smart way of making money, but it’s sly and definitely not the cheapest flights you can get, if you search incognito you will find the specific flights you’re looking for without any pop-ups or interruptions from airline companies.

searching on private browser

Take The Long Haul

By booking longer flights for a destination such as Australia you typically have to make a pit stop en route, such as Hong Kong or Dubai. Instead of paying extra for a quicker flight then why not take the long haul to stop off in another country on your way to your original destination. This not only saves you money but sometimes airlines stay for days at a time, so it gives you the opportunity to see two destinations on one trip.


So there are some of the best ways you can avoid paying extortionate rates for the holiday of your dreams, all of these methods are relatively easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. If you’re on a budget for your holiday this year why not use one of our airport taxis in Milton Keynes airport taxis in Milton Keynes for the cheapest airport transfer in Milton Keynes. We hope that this article was useful and we wish you luck in finding your bargain holiday!