How To Budget For Holiday

How To Budget For Holiday

Who doesn’t love a holiday? Getting away for a week relaxing in the sun, there isn’t anything not to love but obviously, this all comes at a price and depending on where you want to go it can be pretty hefty. So budgeting is always a good idea, and we are going to give you some tips on how you can budget for holiday.

Why Should I Budget For Holiday?

You should budget for any trip you make, just in case something you should happen you know you have a sufficient amount of money to tide you through and so you can preserve your funds. Holidays require a lot of spending; there’s flights, accommodation, activities, food and items such as toiletries and things that you may want to buy once you are out there.

So it’s always a good idea to devise a spending plan so that you do not under or overspend and so that you are always sure you will not run out of funds.

if you aren’t the best at saving or budgeting then luckily for you, we are here to give you some top tips on how you can easily budget for holiday.

#1 Make A Goal

To start off your budgeting plan, you need to set a realistic target that you will be able to reach, consider how long you will be away for and where you are going. Large cities are more likely to be more expensive than smaller native countries, so depending on where you go, you are going to need more money for certain things.

Consider things you will need to buy beforehand such as suitable clothing – for example hiking boots for long hikes or swimwear for any aquatic activities. Toiletries and things like that are all objects that you will need to consider into costs, and that’s before you’ve even gone on holiday.

Give yourself a time limit on when you want to have saved a certain amount for and do not use your money for anything other than your holiday.

#2 Do Your Research

Research your destination and the pricing to make sure that you do not get ripped off, if you go to a destination where there is often a lot of tourists, then it’s highly likely that there will be some sort of scamster trying to nab as much money out of you as possible.

Have a look at Airport Taxis Milton Keynes if you have no form of transport as they work out costing less than petrol and parking if you were to drive yourself. Also, check the costs of taxis at your destination so you cannot be overcharged when exiting the airport when you arrive.

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#3 Accommodation

If you are setting off on your travels for a number of months then accommodation is the factor that is going to eat away at your budget, hotels do not come cheap, so if you are travelling, then you should consider youth hostels as a way to keep your budget healthy. Necessities such as food and toiletries cost money, and by saving money on accommodation, you give yourself extra money you could use on resources.

If you are on a family holiday, then consider staying in an Air BnB as a cheaper money saving alternative as opposed to a hotel. Air BnB’s are nice and clean and are regularly checked meaning they are not a horrible place to stay, they also include bed and breakfast and are often owned by one person with a few other rooms in a house or small villa.

Another option is to stay in an apartment (you can get apartment deals online) which in the long run can work out cheaper, for family holidays apartments sell for quite cheap and can include half board or all inclusive. Apartments are suitable for families as it gives you all some alone time to spend together without the loudness and disruption from other families or a lot of staff, apartments would probably not be best suited for a lone traveller but could work well with a number of you splitting the price.

#4 Go Budget

You want to spend as little money as possible, so the aim is to go as budget as possible, forget flying in first class you are going to have to go economy only. Budget airlines do amazingly cheap flights so keep scanning their sites and keep your eyes peeled for any flash sales because they often happen.

Budget airlines may not be the best or comfiest way to travel, but they supply you with the bare necessities which are all you really need so budget flights are a good way to save extra money. Large flight companies also have flash sales so keep your eyes peeled for them too, and if you’re lucky you could hit the jackpot, another technique people use is to check the websites for mistakes.

Every so often staff that manage flight lines websites make mistakes when putting up flights and they put a deficient number which they then cannot change, so if you find one of them flights, then you better swipe it up quickly because it’s highly lucky for this to happen.

woman working out her budget and spendings

#5 Avoid Unnecessary Purchases

This is one of the most important methods when budgeting abroad, although it is a lovely thing to do and very thoughtful when you take small gifts home for your family and friends it is an easy way to spend your money.

Places that have a lot of tourists often charge extortionate amounts for small keepsakes like fridge magnets and keyrings with names and destinations across the top; they do this as it’s easy money because anyone who goes on holiday typically brings back small gifts for friends and family which is why they make them so expensive.

These small gifts although they don’t seem like much add up and all of a sudden you are down by a lot of money just by purchasing fridge magnets.


So there are some helpful tips on how you can budget before and while on your trip, money soon disappears so it’s important you save enough to keep you safe and fed or you are going to end up in trouble. If you need an airport transfer Milton Keynes for your trip then Admiral Airport Taxis offer affordable transport to and from the airport for affordable prices that fit in with your budget.

We hope this article was helpful, and if it was then why not share with your friends and family – or someone you know going travelling or abroad soon!