How to Avoid Taxi Scams When you Travel Abroad

How to Avoid Taxi Scams When you Travel Abroad

The rules in the UK might not apply for every part of the country making you vulnerable to getting scammed. In our article, we discuss ‘How to avoid Airport Taxi Scams when you Travel’, read for more!

You stand out!

As a tourist in a foreign country, you stand out; this makes you susceptible to scams, and so in our article, we tell you how to avoid getting scammed and keep safe when using an airport taxi service abroad. For more, read on!

  • 1. Research!

  • If you are travelling and you know you will be using an airport taxi service a lot, do your research. Find out how the airport taxi service is in that country and find out if it’s safe. Look up the standard price for the airport taxi service in that country and find the most reputable airport taxi company to avoid the scammers. If you do not have time to do some research, while you are in the country, ask people around how much they would pay to go to a certain destination using a taxi.

  • 2. Know where you are going

  • Never seem unsure about where you are going as bad taxi drivers can easily spot this and charge you extra without you knowing. Know the shortcuts and know the route as to not give the taxi driver a chance to purposefully get lost or take a longer route to justify charging you extra. On the other hand, please keep in mind that this can happen anywhere in the world even by the most reputable taxi companies, as the choice is ultimately down to the individual taxi driver. However, here at Admiral Airport Taxis, our taxi drivers do not stand for scamming passengers, our drivers know the best routes to take like the back of their hand and never aim to provide a poor service.

    If by chance you do not know where you are going, keep calm but be extra aware, look out for big buildings and use them as landmarks to give you the general idea about where you are or even get a map. Here at Admiral, our taxi drivers also have a Sat-Nav on, and so if you are going from Milton Keynes to Luton or even from Towcester to Luton, they always know the fastest road to take, and our inexpensive prices makes us stand out even more!

    Map on Phone

  • 3. Never seem alone

  • Never make it obvious that you are alone or a newcomer, this automatically makes you vulnerable. When asked seemingly innocent questions like’ How long have you been here’? Or ‘Why did you come here’? Lie and lie well. These questions may seem harmless, but in some cases, they are just trying to gauge if you are new and even try and guess how much money you could potentially have. Remember the taxi driver is not your friend, no matter how friendly they may seem, note that you will probably never see them again! Act like you are meeting up with friends as in extreme circumstances there have been incidences whereby people have been driven to isolated areas and robbed so just imagine every taxi driver is out to scam you, and you will be safe.


When it comes to using a foreign airport taxi service, there are many red flags you should look out for which we mentioned prior, so to stay safe, listen to our advice!