How our Drivers keep safe during Winter

How our Drivers keep safe during Winter

Winter travel can be very dangerous, with unpredictable yet undoubtedly cold environments; safety is of the utmost importance. So in this article, we discuss how our drivers keep safe during winter, if you want to know more, read on!

Winter Travel

Winter is the season that requires the most care to avoid breakdowns or even an accident. When taking a long journey say from Milton Keynes to Towcester, ensuring the drive is smooth and everyone arrives safely is paramount. Our airport taxi drivers always strive to achieve this. Therefore certain steps must be taken. A cautious driver is always a safe driver.

Battery and electrics

Before anything, the batteries of the car are always checked. Batteries usually don’t last longer than 5 years, so regular check-ups, are necessary. Our drivers avoid overworking the electrical, so any non-essential electrical appliances are turned off such as lights when it’s light outside, the rear screen heater and the wipers before the engine is started. This can preserve the battery life for much longer, further preventing the chance of a breakdown during long trips.


Our divers always have antifreeze on hand. During winter the chances of the engine getting cold increases dramatically. This means the heater freezes preventing the rest of the car to be heated, which can inhibit the circulation of the coolant. Antifreeze is fairly cheap, but the repercussions of leaving the engine frozen do not come affordable.


All the bulbs are checked regularly to ensure they are working. The lenses are also cleaned to ensure clarity. When the roads are especially muddy due to bad weather, the lenses will require regular cleaning, just to prepare it for another journey.


Being able to see the road is the most important part of navigation. To make sure the road is clearly seen, the windscreen and windows are kept clean inside and out.


During winter, roads tend to get more slippery so they will need different tyres. Winter tyres are installed in the vehicles, these are safer as they provide more grip to the surface of the road, this is done by adding more silica to the tyres stopping them from hardening when the temperature drops.