Holiday Preparation Checklist

Holiday Preparation Checklist

Nothing beats the well-awaited build up to an annual holiday, wishing the last few working days would go a little quicker so you can finally be on your way to the airport. Although the few weeks or so building up to a holiday is incredibly exciting, for many, it can get a little stressful ensuring that you have everything you need packed and arranged in advance.

So, whether you’re super organised or leave everything until the last minute, it’s always helpful to have a guide to follow, keep reading for our holiday preparation checklist.

Holiday Preparation Checklist: 5 Key ‘To Dos’

Similarly to anything, the key to staying calm is to remain as organised as possible, making sure that you think ahead of yourself and get the essentials arranged in advanced. Although, in the hustle and bustle of holiday prep, aspects unfortunately often get missed. To avoid the last minute rush to get organised, we’ve devised our top ‘to dos’ that are a huge must before you jet off.

Airport Transfers

Everyone wants to be able to switch straight over to holiday mode the moment they leave their home and start their journey to the airport, in an ideal world, all stressful tasks will be entirely swept away. To remove one less stress, we suggest always to book your airport taxi transfers in advance. It eliminates the worry of relying on a family member or friend for a lift; you never know when someone’s vehicle may break down, they will sleep in, or they just aren’t ready on time. If an emergency pops up last minute, your transfer provider will always locate an alternative driver to transport you.

While booking your transfer to the airport, also make any bookings for the date you return. After a long flight home and a severe case of holiday blues, the last thing you want to be doing is waiting around to get back to your home. Travelling can be tiresome, so make it as easy as you can for yourself.

Take your departure time into consideration when arranging transfers. It is always recommended to be at the airport at least two hours before your flight, so make sure your pick up times fit with your schedule.

Airport Taxi

Beauty Prep

Going on holiday is the perfect excuse to truly pamper yourself and get yourself booked in for treatments you wouldn’t usually pay out for. From a seamless spray tan to start off your sunkissed look to fluttering eyelash extensions to make beauty maintenance as easy as possible, there is a whole host of options you can go for to spoil yourself.

Always book in your beauty appointments a day or two before you’re set to jet off, so you arrive at your destination feeling fresh and looking the best. Again, make all bookings in advance, so you can get the exact date you would like. Booking in advance is even more important if your holiday is during the Summer months, particularly July / August time. Periods over the school holidays are always the most popular times to go away meaning beauty salons and technicians will be very busy and have limited appointment slots.

Eyelash Extension Application

Travel Insurance

You’d be shocked how many holidaymakers forget to arrange holiday insurance and end up in debt. Falling sick or needing to seek medical attention while abroad without insurance can leave you over £1,000 down, which is more than enough to ruin your whole holiday!

It is often unlikely that you will need to make use of your travel insurance, but it is still better to be safe than sorry. Although coverage is another expense, you can usually get it under £20 and will save you a fortune if you have an incident that requires assistance.

Not only should you opt for an insurance policy that covers medical expenses, but also aspects such as cover for stolen or lost electricals and compensation for delayed or cancelled flights. Nowadays, your phone goes absolutely everywhere with you, so it would be an absolute nightmare if something were to happened to it. You want to cover your own back as much as possible. We’re not saying think of the worse or to worry yourself, but just be wary!

Exchange Your Money

Although exchanging money is easy when visiting the majority of popular locations, there are a few places where you are unable to exchange your money until you arrive in the country. Always check whether this is the case when travelling to a new country, places that use currency such as dirhams like Morocco require an exchange when you arrive at the destination.

On the other hand, if you require currencies such as euros or dollars, you will have no problem at all exchanging your pounds in the UK. Always try to transfer your money before you get to the airport – you will not get as much of a good value for money waiting until you get to the airport to exchange. We suggest taking a visit to places such as your local Post Office, Marks and Spencers or Tesco to exchange your money instead.

Exchanging Money

Check Case Weight

On most flights, you will be provided with 10kg hand luggage to take on board with the option to pay an additional fee for extra hold luggage, in most cases, you’ll be able to add on another 20kg. Although 30kg of luggage may seem like a lot, it can be so easy to get carried away and pack absolutely everything with the ‘just in case’ mindset intact.

We’re not saying limit your packing, just don’t leave the suspense of weighing your case to when you arrive at check in at the airport. If you are over your limit, you’ll see yourself either having to pay a considerable fee or in worst case scenario, having to throw away some of your favourite holiday outfits. Airlines can be very sneaky; they know that people would rather pay extra to keep their belongings than throw them away, so will skyrocket the price of overweight luggage.

To avoid going over your limit, we suggest investing in some luggage scales to weigh them yourself at home. Always remember to pack these and take them with you so that you can recheck for the flight home. Presents to take home to loved ones and some extra holiday treats accumulate weight and will add some extra pounds.

A handy packing tip is to roll your clothing rather than folding. You’ll free up way more room and even better, your outfits won’t crease, so there will be no need to worry about ironing!

Woman Packing Her Case

Enjoy Your Holiday!

We hope that our checklist has made holiday planning a little easier. If you found it handy, why not share on social media?