Holiday Activities Perfect For When Abroad

Holiday Activities Perfect For When Abroad

Going abroad, in general, is a fantastic experience and gives you the opportunity to relax and unwind. But of course, you need some holiday activities to keep you and the little ones entertained on the days you aren’t occupied.

What Are Holiday Activities?

Holiday activities are activities that can be organised when you are abroad or in spare time to keep you and your family entertained, these can range from any bonding activities to adrenaline rushing challenges.

So if you’re going on holiday soon and want some exciting fresh activity ideas for you and your family – keep reading!


When taking part in this activity, you must make sure that your child is ready and in their comfort zone when doing so. Snorkeling can be a once in a lifetime experience – especially when done in a holiday destination such as Australias spectacular great barrier reef, or Egypt’s red sea.

Snorkeling is perfectly safe, and if you have any doubts, a professional is usually there to help you out along the way. You should only venture out into deeper parts of the ocean when you have had more experience and know what you are doing, until then it is perfectly acceptable to snorkel in the shallows and admire the tropical fish and unique coral.

family swimming on shallows snorkelling

Rock Climbing

If you and your family are a daring group then this one’s for you, rock climbing either on a mountain or side of the sea is the perfect holiday activity for families looking for an adrenaline rush.

Rock climbing has been around since 1880 in England after Walter Parry Haskett Smith ascended the Naples Needle – and ever since the sport has stuck around and become more and more popular.

There are 3 major types of rock climbing, these include:

On-sight Climbing

When you ascend the wall without any help or additional knowledge


Almost the same as on-sight but the climber has previous knowledge of the route they are going to climb

Red Point

When the climber ascends freely after trying the route beforehand

Not only is rock climbing a traditional fun sport but it also beneficial to your health, although you do not to be incredibly fit to rock climb the more you climb then, the better endurance you get and the fitter it can make you.

The final thing to enjoy about rock climbing is the bonding you can have with your family; rock climbing teachers will often organise climbing races to bring out the competitive side in people and to make it a fun activity. Rock climbing is also nearly always held high up or next to the seafront which gives you an opportunity to experience incredible views of your holiday destination.


Surfing may not be an activity you are desperate to try after watching jaws, and other shark related films, however in most places, it is entirely safe, and lifeguards will often not let you in the sea if there are sharks around.

Surfing is often portrayed as a luxury sport, and film companies have made countless films about the sport, surfing is good for you as you have to do copious amounts of swimming – all those gym workouts when you could be burning the same calories from surfing.

It’s also common for surfers to have dark tanned skin and blonder hair considering the huge amount of times that they spend thrashing about in the water.

When on holiday if your looking for an activity different to what you would do at home surfing is perfect, there are family surfing lessons available in parts of the world to give you some experience before hitting the waves.

family playing with surf board in sea


Cycling is a popular sport in almost every part of the world, those who are on a health kick often try their best to ride their bikes as opposed to driving to be healthier (and save the planet). So if you and your family have a regular busy daily life, then a family cycle could be exactly what you need to clear your head and bond with your family.

Just like the other sports we’ve listed cycling is extremely beneficial for your body, both your internal organs and your muscles. Imagine a sightseeing bike ride with your family while on your holiday – as opposed to watching tv on a spinning bike at the gym.

This also provides you with the perfect opportunity to sightsee and explore the lands of a destination you’ve never seen before, you might create memories to remember forever.

Camping And Canoeing

Be one at nature with this all natural activity, if your lifestyle is jam packed with work or school, then camping can be just what you need to bring you back down to earth and unwind. Although camping is not always seen as a fun activity it is what you make it, go old school and roast some marshmallows over a hand made campfire and visit lakes and forests for a short breather from everyday life.

Finish of your camping trip with a visit to the lake, hire a canoe and practice your rowing skills, great exercise and you could have found your new hobby.

marshmallows over fire


Another one for the daredevils, this is best done on hot tropical islands when there is plenty for you to see from above. When paragliding in these countries in good weather then it’s sometimes possible to see coral reefs through the clear waters. Other people have also seen things like dolphins, volcanoes and other fantastic views.

You are able to paraglide almost anywhere if the weather is good, however, when on holiday in foreign countries they often offer paragliding from a boat across the sea.

Whale Or Dolphin Spotting

If you want to do this activity, then you have to be very particular when and where you visit for your holiday destination. Whales and dolphins are constantly swimming from location to location, so before going on holiday, you should check where and when they will be in the location you are planning to visit.

Although you do not have to go on holiday to be able to catch a glimpse of dolphins or whales if you are from the UK. Humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins and basking sharks are frequent in the UK and Wales from near shore in the summertime if you want a short weekend break to do some marine spotting.

But if your thinking of going abroad and visiting marine life in the sun then be sure to book one of our airport taxis Milton Keynes for a comfortable stress free journey.

whale swimming in ocean


So there you have a few ideas for an activity filled holiday, for some of these you don’t have to go abroad they can also be done in the UK. Going on holiday soon? Make sure to book an airport transfers Buckingham to ensure you arrive at the airport with ease and on time. We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media? Or with someone you know going on holiday soon!