How to cut employee travel expenses

How to cut employee travel expenses

Companies want to cut costs where at all possible this includes employee travel expenses. It’s essential that you keep an eye on what your employees are spending and ensure that they are not paying for items and travel that is not covered by your business’s human resources policies. As a manager, it is your responsibility to ensure you keep your team’s costs as low as possible however provide them with a good overall experience. Therefore, to make your life easier as well as your employees, we’ve devised a list of strategies that you can employ to cut employee travel expenses.

Which travel expenses do you need to get rid of?

We recommend you follow this list and look into different ways you and your business can save a few pound here and there. We will be discussing ways of saving however not making your employee’s business trips miserable and stressful.


Try to plan your business trips as far in advance as you possibly can; you will find that you can book hotels and rooms at a better rate than you would booking them last minute. You will also find that you may be able to negotiate with companies especially if you are booking in larger groups or more than two employees.

However, we all know that unfortunately in business you can’t always plan ahead. Finding yourself either having to cancel meetings, a new business deal arises, or you need an urgent or crisis meeting. So you will want to ensure you have a good working relationship with any hotels or apartment renting companies, keep them updated at all times if your plans change. They will most likely work with you more in the future if you communicate.

Lead by example

While you may be the boss of the business, if you are spending business money to go away on a trip do not provide yourself with luxury travel and hotel. It gives you employees more reason to do the same. Ensure you have a monitoring system in place that flags up any excessive expenditure. Another way to lead by example is to access whether your travel is essential, can your meeting be done over the telephone or by visual audio calls. It will be far less expensive and saves you taking the day out the office.


Provide employees with a clearly outlined budget to work with, state clearly that if they go over this, they will be penalised. This will also help outline to your employees exactly what they can spend on travel and hotels, and if they stick to this budget, they may be able to treat themselves to a nice meal.

Planning for Budget

Corporate Taxi’s

Choose a corporate airport taxi that will provide you with impeccable service and understand your business needs and requirements. You will want someone who is highly professional and punctual; this will help with taking away the stress of business travel. You can also discuss package deals with corporate taxi companies, which will help with budgeting. You want someone who will provide you employees with a 24-hour service, so they are not stranded when they have late night flights.

Hotel Chain

Use a less expensive hotel chain when making reservations; obviously, you still want to provide your employees with a clean and other comfort amenities from hotels. Marriot offers rewards for customers who rack up a certain amount of points allowing you to upgrade your room.

Reward programs

Take full advantage of reward schemes, most hotel chains or airlines tend to have a reward scheme. They reward frequent customers with free flights or overnight stays. This may benefit your business massively as it can reduce the cost of employees travel and could shave hundreds off your overall business travel.

Check for ad on fees

Check when bookings that there are no extra add-ons, the price of your flight or hotel room may look cheap at first, however, will have additional add-ons that can rack up.


Incentivise your staff to make savings, create a small competition in the team to who can make the most saving in the year on travel. Tap into your employee’s competitive streaks and allow whoever saves the most to win a prize. Gamification is a great way to get the team involved as well as your business seeing the savings reward.

Rewarding Staff Team Clapping Hands

Conduct regular audits

Conduct regular audits of your businesses expenses and ensure you are checking receipts. This will enable you to eliminate any employees that could potentially be attempting fraud through their expenses. Ensure all required expense forms are available to the people that need them and they are kept up-to-date on a regular basis. Additionally, unless you check regularly you never know what your employees could be claiming expenses for, unfortunately, it’s not always black and white and there may be one person that tries to slip a few extra receipts in. Visit Small Business to find out why your business may need an expenses audit.

Meetings culture

Do your meetings always need to be in a specific location? Can your company benefit from having a visual audio meeting? Your business might be able to work in different ways, and this will also benefit your teams, as they will be more productive without the travel.

Visual Meetings


There are many different ways for your business to save money; we have outlined a few to help you think about where to save and how your company may be spending too much money on particular aspect of business travel. By planning as far ahead as possible you and your employees can both benefit, they know when they will be travelling so can plan their workload around it and you as the employer may be able to book their travel at a cheaper cost. By booking in advance you can receive a variety of different benefits such as no cancellation fee, cheaper rates on the room and maybe even free add-ons such as breakfast.

Using corporate travel companies will help you shave a few pound and save on your annual travel budget. They often provide a high-quality service and most likely will never let you down without prior notice.

Incentivise team members to try and save on their travel expenses. You will find that a lot of employees often enjoy taking part in competitions especially when they know they will receive something for winning.