Best places to visit in January

Best places to visit in January

Now is the perfect time to be thinking about a short getaway in January. You will have enjoyed the hustle and bustle of Christmas and also to stress of cooking a substantial festive feast for all your loved ones. So take some long needed time out of your busy schedule and get away for a few days to relax. We’re going to discuss the best places to visit in January both hot and cold. So sit back with a cup of tea and start planning your January vacation.

Places to visit in January

January is a funny time of year, and around the world, there are a number of locations you can visit whether you want a warm vacation or would like to visit somewhere close to home that requires some jumpers and a coat. It’s the perfect time to clear your mind and start the year on a high after your Christmas blues.

You will also find that you may be able to go away on a trip at a much lower price than you would any other time of year. Also, don’t forget that a lot of the airlines have January sales on flights and package holidays. If you are looking for a packaged holiday why not read our recent article on The Benefits of Package Holidays 2017.

Australia’s Gold Coast

The gold coast is a beautiful sight and will instantly lift your spirits as soon as you touch down. Sydney throws some of the best bashes around, and you might even find yourself enjoying a cocktail or two. You won’t find yourself having to plan or think of things to do, the comfortable life of strolling around the gold coast will throw exciting opportunities your way. We suggest visiting Byron Bay, a stunning beach view where life seems simple and will most definitely take you away from your everyday life back home. There is plenty of surfing, and Byron Bay has some of the most fantastic food restaurants with something for everyone. Sharon from Where’s Sharon has written the perfect blog of places to visit on Byron Bay and what you can do with your children.

Byron Bay

Bruges, Belgium

A gorgeous city to spend a weekend away if all you want is beer, food and long walks. While Belgium can be a lot colder then some of the other locations we are mentioning it’s a beautiful scene of quaint buildings and plenty of tucked away place to sit and have a drink. Bruges hold some of the best taverns full of joy and more importantly good beer, a multitude of restaurants and stalls for you foodies, a picturesque location perfect for picture taking and making memories with loved ones. Bruges is also close to other locations within Belgium, so if you do find yourself wanting to go for a wonder, Antwerp and Brussels are less than an hour and a half journey.



The biggest of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is off the West Africa coastline and is renowned for keeping its year-round warm climate. The perfect location to visit in the colder months with volcanic landscape and beautiful white and black beaches. If you are wondering what are black beaches, Lanzarote emerged from the sea due to volcanic activity resulting in the dark sandy beaches. While Lanzarote doesn’t hold many it’s a good excuse for you to get out and explore the island. A perfect location for soothing your soul and taking a step back from your busy schedule.

Southeast Asia

January is a perfect month to immerse yourself in the history and culture of another location around the world. So we suggest visiting Southeast Asia, there is plenty to do and you can visit a variety of places including Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. All locations are close enough, and you can view all in the space of two weeks, or if you fancy a more extended holiday, you can spend your time getting to know how the local people live and their way of life. With magnificent temples and picturesque coastlines, you will never find yourself thinking about home. Thailand has over 5,000 miles of coastline, which you can travel by longtail boat where you can discover a variety of different beaches. Island hopping is a perfect escape; you also have the opportunity to go snorkelling and visit some of the worlds most stunning white sand beaches. If you want more information, you can read The Blonde Abroad blog on her travels to Thailand.


Nice, France

Nice is one location many of you may think would be freezing cold in the winter months, you may still have to wear your woollies but you can sit outside during the day enjoying the comings and goings of city life. Nice has plenty to do so you won’t be getting too cold, with fantastic architecture and gorgeous views, you’ll find its easy to submerge into the Nice lifestyle. Nice holds plenty of art museums; we recommend you visit the Cote-d Azur’s contemporary art gallery, it showcases art created daily and industrial life.



We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas; we understand that Christmas blues can be a struggle in the New Year. We strongly agree that the perfect way to start the New Year is to take yourself and your loved ones on a short vacation or even a long haul holiday, there is nothing like taking some time out of your busy schedule to sit back and relax.

If you want to visit a warmer climate and top your tan up than Australia is one of your favourite locations. You will have plenty to do no matter what age you are; your kids can go surfing while you enjoy too long golden beaches and the delicious food on Byron Bay, not to mention the gorgeous pictures you will take. Lanzarote is the perfect location if your not to keen on the hot weather, while its still very warm you receive a cool breeze from the sea and you will find your never to far away from cold water to dip your fit in.

A short getaway might just be what you need, and it doesn’t always have to be warm. Immersing yourself into the life of a European city will help take your mind away from your day-to-day life. Bruges and Nice is excellent for taking long walks and finding locations to sit around and have a drink.

Finally, don’t forget to get yourself to the airport will be one thing you most definitely won’t want to be thinking about when booking your holiday. So rather than taking your car and having to pay for parking, you might want to consider about Airport Taxis.