Avoiding Unlicensed Taxi Cabs When You’re Abroad

Avoiding Unlicensed Taxi Cabs When You’re Abroad

Unlicensed Taxis have been tarnishing the good name of taxis for a while now, and we want to help people avoid them at all costs.

They are dangerous, and there have been many horror stories about people who have fallen into the trap that is; unlicensed taxis. Not only do we want to educate people about unlicensed taxis, but we also want to provide some tips on how you can avoid unlicensed taxi cabs.

Why you should avoid unlicensed Taxi Cabs

Well, this goes without saying, but unlicensed taxi cabs are dangerous. They are mostly rampant abroad, and if you are are travelling, it could make you much more vulnerable to getting into an unlicensed taxi cab, if you don’t know how to avoid them, read on!

#1 They are not safety regulated

Unlicensed taxicabs, or ‘gypsy cabs’ do not go through the same safety regulations that standard taxi cabs go through, so if you receive bad customer service, there is no way you can report it because they do not work for a taxi company.

A taxi company usually does background checks and training for all of their taxi drivers, with unlicensed taxis, this is not done. This leaves you extremely vulnerable, and you might be driven into a potentially dangerous situation.

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#2 Avoiding Bogus Taxi Drivers

The easiest and obvious way to avoid unlicensed taxi drivers to use a taxi service you are familiar with and you know is legitimate.

If you are abroad, we suggest researching about the most prominent taxi companies around, so you know which ones to use. However, even with this, if you are a tourist it’s still likely that your vulnerability will be taken advantage of, but yet again we have you covered, you can read our article ‘How to avoid Taxi Scams when you Travel abroad’, to help keep you sharp!

A Quick Recap…

Avoid being tricked into using fake taxi cabs, especially when abroad. It is important for your safety. Here at Admiral Airport Taxis, we offer our fully regulated Airport Taxis in Milton Keynes and Airport Transfers in Milton Keynes, which are driven by excellent and thoroughly trained taxi drivers!

We hope you found some of our tips helpful and you have a little more knowledge about unlicensed taxis and how to avoid them!