All about Airport Taxis

All about Airport Taxis

There are still many things about Airport Taxis people do not know, and with our new article ‘All about Airport Taxis’, we clear up any misconceptions and give a clear understanding about airport taxis. For more, read on!


Packing up belongings for a trip is stress on its own and going to and from an airport can add to it. You may think taking a train, or even public transport is the way to go, however taking an airport taxi is the best and should be the only choice. To find out more, read our article!

Early Bookings

Unlike public transport, you can book an airport transfer early. Booking an early taxi transfer gives you rest of mind and also motivates you to get everything prepared on time. Booking in advance also allows you to avoid the extra charges that coming with booking on the day or booking on a busy day.

Different Cabs

Did you know that cabs come in many shapes and sizes? Well, they do, and here at Admiral Airport Taxis, you can choose whatever cab you would like. There is more to taxis that the general yellow and black as they are getting a lot more diverse. Some airport taxis can be booked that best suit your travel, for example, corporate taxis can be reserved if you are going on a business trip, or if you just feel like booking one. So no matter if you are travelling from Milton Keynes to Birmingham or Towcester to Luton, you can always do it in style.

Knowledgeable Drivers

Taxi drivers are kings of the road and know every route that takes the shortest time. Here at Admiral Airport Taxis, each driver knows the route like the back of their hand and always ensure they make every trip rewarding as well as fast.


The are many things that people don’t know about airport taxis, and in our new article, we tell you some facts, so you can stay up to date and know everything there is to know about airport taxis!